Benno's Fancy


Bubbles is a 14.2 hand National Sport Pony mare.  She is an excellent dressage pony and jumps a full course.  Bubbles is occasionally used in lessons to teach riders to trot or canter on the lunge line, but due to her full show schedule with her rider she is not available for part board.


Midnight belongs to a boarder is available for part board.

Sweet Briar Vixen


Vixie is a 13.2 hand pony mare who is a nice smooth ride.  Vixie had a tendon tear and as a result can no longer jump.  She is a great flat pony and excellent on trails. She is available for part board.


Othello is a barn favourite, with many of the kids choosing him when available.  He has a personality and requires a student to really ride him, but can jump a full course and loves obstacles.  Othello is available for part board

Texas Tornado 


Storm is a 16.2 hand off track thoroughbred gelding.  Storm is used in lessons and does well with both flat work and jumping.  Storm has more whoa than go and can require some leg.  Storm is available for part board.

Chester City


Buddy is our resident oldie, at the ripe age of 22, he is a great school horse and teaches beginners the ropes.  Don't let him fool you though, this guy does great in dressage and is pretty good at obstacles too.  Buddy is available for part board


Philadelphia Philly


Rosie is a Kentucky bred thoroughbred mare that  trained but never made it to the track.  She has some impressive bloodlines, but really just likes to take it easy.  She can be a little lazy, and is a great fit for new students who need to learn the basics.  Her lazy demeanor shouldn't fool you though as she jumps a full course and has done very well at dressage shows, placing 5th in Canada in the Introductory Junior Western Dressage.  She is available for part board.

Boston Red Sox


Ruby is a 17.2 hand off track thoroughbred mare.  Ruby had a rough go in life and was a rescued by a friend a few years ago.  She is now coming along nicely on the flat.  Ruby is not used in lessons but is available in the right situation to quiet experienced rider for part board.



Dakota belongs to a boarder and is available for part board

Chicago White Sox


Sox is a 7 year old off track thoroughbred gelding who is sometimes used in lessons.  Sox is a great jumper and is doing well in dressage.  He is currently not available for part board.

My Little Quarter Pounder


Pumpkin is a 13.2 hand pony mare who has been with us for a couple of years.  She is a great pony to start students off with, and knows her job.  Pumpkin jumps small courses and does well in dressage.  She is safe and comfortable to hack out.  Pumpkin is available for part board.